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You're home is one of the biggest investments you'll ever make. Make sure it's properly covered. Contact us today for an evaluation.

Not all homeowner's policies are created equal.


While it's true that many policies have similar baseline coverage, there are many subtle differences and package options that can make a big difference in the event of a claim.   

Common Homeowner's Coverages:

  • Dwelling (Cov A)

    This is the portion of your policy that covers the actual structure (main house). The amount of coverage can be calculated on a Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value (ACV) basis, depending on the policy type.


    There is a big difference between these two coverage methods, so it's important to know which one is appropriate for you. (For more information on Replacement Cost vs. ACV contact us)  

  • Other Structures (Cov B)

    This covers any structure on your property that is not permanently attached to your house, like fencing, driveways, sidewalks, and detached buildings like sheds and garages.


    Usually this coverage is 10% of whatever your Dwelling limit is, but can be increased if you need more coverage. Like the Dwelling, it can be calculated on a Replacement Cost or ACV basis. 

  • Personal Property (Cov C)

    This covers all of your personal belongings like clothing, furniture, electronics, and appliances. Like the Dwelling, it can be calculated on a Replacement cost or ACV basis, but might not be the same as the basis used for the dwelling.


    This is often overlooked and incorrectly assumed to be Replacement Cost, so it's an important detail to check in your specific policy.

  • Loss Of Use (Cov D)

    This covers your living expenses if you need to live somewhere else temporarily because your primary home is uninhabitable due to a loss.

  • Medical Payments (Cov E)

    This covers medical expenses for guests if they are injured on your property. It does not cover health care costs for you or other members of your household.

  • Family/Personal Liability (Cov F)

    Personal Liability Coverage applies if someone is injured or their property is damaged and you are to blame. The coverage generally applies anywhere in the world. Your personal liability coverage should be high enough to protect your assets, such as personal property, savings, and future wages, if you are sued.


    In some situations, an Umbrella policy may be necessary to provide extra coverage. (For more information on Umbrella policies, contact us)

  • Common Optional Coverages

    Water Backup - Coverage for “overflows” of water from sewers (like out of toilet bowls) and “backups” from drains (like floor drains and sinks). 

    Scheduled Personal Property- There are some situations where you might want special coverage for valuables, or collectibles like jewelry, guns, collectibles, rugs, etc.


    Home Systems Protection- Coverage for electrical/mechanical breakdown on home systems such as electrical panels, heating/air conditioning systems, kitchen/laundry appliances, etc. This coverage and availability varies greatly  from company to company, so check with your insurance provider or call us for specific details.

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