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Meet Team Judkins

Jay Judkins

Jay Judkins

Our Founder. Our Patriarch. The A1 since day 1.
The Man with the Vision.

More than anything else in the world, Jay loves helping people uncover dreams, achieve goals, and overcome challenges. This love for helping people and serving others is what led Jay to start Judkins Insurance back in 2006.

Judkins Insurance was Jay’s “baby” so to speak, and he almost died getting it started (True story, you should ask him about it sometime). 

Though Judkins Insurance has been through many changes since then, the passion that Jay instilled for serving others has not wavered.

Nowadays, Jay is involved with more of the "big picture" aspects of Judkins Insurance rather than day-to-day operations. 
However, he is always at the ready to provide encouragement and a helping hand whenever the opportunity presents.

In his spare time, Jay can be found joy-riding in his Subaru, listening to the latest leadership podcasts, spending time with his friends and family— and of course studying his Bible.



Zach was the first one to come alongside Jay in 2018.

Originally slated to help work on website design and marketing, Zach’s eye for detail and passion for people quickly allured him to the world of insurance, and he became a licensed agent.

   Nowadays, Zach oversees the majority of the operations at Judkins Insurance and is the main agent for Commercial Insurance.

Zach is a self-proclaimed technology guru and systems wizard, and he makes sure that Judkins Insurance is up to snuff on the latest and greatest advancements.

He spends most of his time on the road visiting Commercial clients and working on continuously improving Judkins Insurance as a whole.

   In his spare time, Zach can be found playing guitar, leading worship at New Life Community Church, and spending time with family.



Don’t let Silvia’s quietness fool you— Judkins Insurance couldn’t operate without her!

It seems like there isn’t anything that Silvia can’t do, and she always goes the extra mile to make sure our clients receive the best care possible. 
Starting with Judkins Insurance as a Customer Service Representative in 2019, Silvia is now our Office Manager.

She wears many hats and keeps the office running smoothly, even when some days may feel like herding cats.

Her organizational skills combined with an incredible memory means that Judkins Insurance runs like a we
ll-oiled machine, all thanks to Silvia.
In her spare time, Silvia can be found cooking delicious meals, cleaning, exercising and embracing healthy living, and spending time with friends and family— which includes chasing after her two kids.



Sharon has yet to meet a stranger. She is the social butterfly of the office and loves to talk to people.

Her bubbly personality lends to her passion for serving others, which makes her well-suited for the role of our main Personal Insurance Agent. 
Although one might think that Sharon has always been an insurance agent because of her natural personability, she was previously a school bus driver for 10 years after being
a stay-at-home mom for 14 years.

Joining Judkins Insurance in 2021, she has quickly become a vital part of our team.
In her spare time, Sharon enjoys spending time with her family and volunteering with her local ruritan club— where she was just named Ruritan of the Year!



Martina started with Judkins Insurance in 2020 but left for a brief stint before rejoining the team in 2022.

Although Martina went to school to study biology, her captivation with systems and processes drew her into the world of business. 
Martina coordinates many of our social media and marketing strategies and also handles our web design. If you see something that you like, drop a note and let her know!

Martina also runs the road with Zach and assists him as a Commercial Insurance Agent. 
Martina is one of those people who enjoys jumping out of perfectly good airplanes and other adventurous things, although working with horses is by far her favorite activity.

In her spare time, Martina enjoys spending time with friends and family and enjoying a good cup of coffee.



Sadie is the newest member of the Judkins Insurance team— and boy are we thankful for her!

Joining our team in 2022, Sadie is our main Customer Service Representative.

With her bright smile and can-do attitude, she is the perfect fit to round out our rockstar team.
Currently, Sadie is going to school to study business, and we are excited to see where it leads her,  insurance or otherwise
(but we’re hoping insurance)!
In her spare time, Sadie enjoys baking goodies, spending time with her friends and family, and showing her adorable cows.

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