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In-Tune with Your Insurance Needs

Would you place your most valuable instrument or piece of equipment into the hands of someone who does not understand its significance?

Why treat your business any differently?

With over 15 years experience in the music industry, we offer a level of expertise not easily surpassed by most insurance agents. 

Insurance Is
Our Forte

Music store insurance

We care about helping you protect your store, your inventory, and your livelihood.
It's our job to make sure you don't have to "play it by ear" when calamity strikes— we want to make certain that you know how your insurance will react and who will be there for you on your worst day.

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OUR Expertise

Music store insurance

Zach Brady
Commercial Agent

First dabbling in the world of music through drum and piano lessons, it wasn't until Zach picked up the sacred six-stringed electric instrument that he became fully immersed in the industry.

Joining his first band at age 14, he has since been a guitarist for Christian band "Living180" and rock band "As Time Stands Still." Zach has also worked in a local recording studio as a session player.
Always improving his skill set, he can be found watching videos about the latest pedals and amps or taking a lesson from professionals like Mark Tremonti and Seth Morrison.

Zach is a big fan of PRS guitars, although he enjoys playing anything that will produce a palatable tone.

When he's not working, you can catch Zach on stage leading Sunday worship at New Life Community Church— of course with plenty of sweet guitar riffs thrown in!

Zach Living180 band
Zach worship leader guitar
Zach guitar recording studio

To Consider

Music store insurance
Music store guitars insurance coverage

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