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Avoid The Hacks!

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

When your livelihood depends on an industry that’s been hacked by a growing number of companies that are somewhat akin to five year old’s vying for first in line for ice cream, you spend a lot of time shaking your head and trying to debunk many of the stereotypical images that their ads conjure in the mind.

No, I’m not talking about politics, although I can see where that might be your first thought. I’m talking about insurance. The read-headed stepchild of all products and services. Nobody wants it until they need it, and often by then it’s too late. Let me attempt to draw some comparisons to other industries using similar ad tactics and irrational methodology.

Call our investment portfolio hotline now and in 15 minutes or less we can determine exactly what you need to do to retire at 62, even though we’ve never met you…

Our pharmacists are waiting to prescribe those anti-depressants for you! No need to wait for a review of your medical history and other meds you may already be taking… trust us! We’re professionals!!

Our legal staff can review your case in 10 minutes while you wait. We guarantee we can save you at least 10% on the bill compared to those experienced trial lawyers… they’ll overcharge you anyway because they’ve got 8 years of college to pay off.

X rays? Who needs X rays? Our highly trained staff of monkeys can diagnose you sight unseen and save you a bundle of money. And there’s no waiting in line or double booking!

Now Jay, you’re just being silly. Insurance is not the same as those other industries. You need in depth training to be a pharmacist or lawyer or doctor. Everybody knows insurance regulations and understands policy language, and regardless, insurance guys and gals are just in business to get your money and not pay claims. Right?

There are indeed high levels of training needed for these professions. And the assumption that being properly cared for in any of these industries can be reduced to a phone call would be jeered at by most sane people. You know why? Because they most likely would not be able to assess the full scope of your needs, would make a mistake, you would suffer for their error, and their INSURANCE WOULD HAVE TO DEFEND THEM AGAINST YOUR LAWSUIT!!”.

Whether you are an individual or a business, there’s more to you than I can ascertain in a phone call. As a Trusted Choice Independent Agent, the first call is just the beginning. We walk with you through life and address your needs as they change. Are there hacks in the insurance business? No doubt. But that’s true of every industry.

Ever had a doctor give you an antibiotic and you know full well they don’t have a clue what’s wrong with you? Helping people discover the gaps in their lives where insurance can protect them is what insurance professionals do.

You may be able to self-diagnose a nosebleed, but a brain tumor? Maybe you get the basics of car insurance, but wouldn’t you rather have a professional review your life situation and give you a proper recommendation, before it becomes a surgical need?

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