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T-shirt on a screen printing paddle

Print Shop Insurance

Helping You Identify and Patch Insurance Holes

Would you start printing shirts without first checking for any holes in the screen that the ink could leak through? If not caught in time, this could ruin your entire order.

Why treat your business any differently?

With a combination of insurance expertise and small business management experience, we offer a level of service not easily surpassed by most insurance agents. 

The Right Insurance Fit
For You

We care about helping you protect your store, your equipment, and your livelihood.
It's our job to make sure you won't be "out of sorts" when calamity strikes— we want to make certain that you know how your insurance will react and who will be there for you on your worst day.

How Does the Service that You Are Currently Receiving Compare?

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Been There,
Done That,

And Got the Shirt
Zach and Martina

Zach and Martina Brady
Commercial Agents

Previously working for a small business consultant, both Zach and Martina had the opportunity to learn and help manage the day-to-day operations of a print shop.
Learning the lingo of the craft as well as the uses for multiple offset paper printers, screen printing presses, and a double-headed embroidery machine, Zach and Martina also discovered that the shop was under-insured for its value.

Why was this the case?
As time passed by, the insurance policy had been renewed year after year without changes to the value of the building, property, or operations.

If a gallon of milk is worth more now that it used to be, shouldn't the shop (and equipment) be worth more too? And if the insurance policy for your business doesn't provide the protection that you need, when you need it, what good is it?
This realization, coupled with fascination and appreciation for the printing industry, led Zach and Martina to begin offering in-depth coverage consultations to print shops to make sure they have the protection that they deserve. 

Afterall, if you are busy serving your customers, who is serving you and watching out for your needs?

Screen print t-shirt
Print shop
Polo shirt embroidery


We Offer Custom-Built Protection Packages For

Embroidery Machine Insurance
  • Screen Printing

  • Custom Paper Printing

  • Quick Print & Copy Shops

  • Embroidery

  • Custom Printed Promotional Products 

And More!

Coverages To Consider

Screen print ink insurance

 Click the button below for a breakdown of some common print shop insurance coverage options.

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